There is one question that you are pretty much guaranteed to be asked in an interview, and that is "do you have any questions for us?"  If you aren't asked this it is potentially a red flag (why don't they want you to find out more?) but that's a different matter.

It is important that you are prepared for this question as it is potentially a make or break point of the interview, it gives you the opportunity to redeem yourself, but you could also end up falling flat if your questions leave something to be desired.  Your questions should always be something that you are genuinely interested in, and not something that you should already know from you research, or their website.  If you ask an obvious question, it is going to frustrate the interviewer and make them question your interest in the company and position.  Well thought out questions that show deep interest, understanding and knowledge and make the interviewer think will show them that you are interested in the role and have done research to discover more about them.