For marketers, ad blocking technology presents an obstacle.  For PR people, it may create an opening. We're good at earning engagement through storytelling, right?  

But let's be careful: bad PR is harder to ignore than a bad ad, and potentially a lot more damaging. 

People are wise to 'spin' and while they may forgive or at least understand a desire to present facts in the best possible light, their tolerance for it is limited.  And outright deception?  Unforgiveable. 

So let's focus on good PR - sharing information and insight that helps communities do things (share, create, understand, amplify, and use ideas) in ways they couldn't do on their own.

Storytelling / appealing to an audience is a big part of good PR. But the real goal is to create shared meaning within the communities a brand serves.  That's fantastic PR.

Thanks @sdonaton for a great post.