In this digital world, humans still talk to humans. Peer groups are as important now as they ever were. 

But the dynamic that has changed is that peer groups are using all channels to communicate - this is not something of a shock to any of us, but it does mean that we marketers need to understand the fundamentals of selling to enterprises and remember that all key stakeholders (both inside and outside our prospects and customers) need influencing. 

I don't think the process has changed much. It's more the channels and tactics that have.

In short:

  • Work out who the collectives are you need to speak to.
  • Work out where they go.
  • Work out how to get them to engage (and how to record it).
  • Give them content and information that's easy to access and a user experience that is as close to "always on" as possible.

It will take a lot of testing (particularly on messaging and content), no-one can get it right first time. 

To put it another way it will always be an evolving strategy. But organisations that embed it as a culture will end up with their noses in front in a many horse race.