Now as an advocate of time being THE most precious asset we have then this approach from Daimler I both agree with and encourage UK companies to adopt. At TNBA we pride ourselves that we are even more ahead than Daimler as we introduced a no email policy to any team member who was on holiday from the day we started the business. We have so much respect for our team that we believe they deserve peace and quite with their family to the extent that we insist that they turn off data on their phones at weekends as well. After all they work hard enough for us during the normal working day.

It makes sense because if you run your business correctly then why would you need to contact a staff member on holiday? If you have not covered their duties well or effectively - informed clients and suppliers accordingly then that is not their fault. In fact what can they do when they are away is so limited anyway and just builds ill feelings. Likewise when people return from holidays and they have a ton of emails to read; probably about things they can no longer effect what is the point? After all a face to face debrief on important points that they need to pick up is far better and more productive.

Email is a great vehicle but is over used often to communicate what should be done face to face or by phone.

I for one believe that we should use email more carefully and so what Daimler has done should be applauded and roll on the day all UK business does the same!