We would like to extend warm congratulations to FinTech Collective and the founders, Gareth and Brooks, in particular.

FinTech Collective were one of our first business users and they have used it flat out for 5 months now posting over 300 times on all things Finance Technology related. No industry event, startup or funding has gone uncovered by them.

FinTech Collective is a thesis-driven venture capital firm investing in what will be one of the greatest trends of the coming decade, the secular re-imagination of almost every aspect of the Financial Services industry. Their aim was to position themselves as the go-to VC fund in Fintech and get themselves in on the best industry deals.

They choose Passle as the platform to achieve that.

After three months of Passling they were being invited to be moderators and panelists at key industry conferences and yesterday one of their portfolio companies closed a significant round of financing with Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), one of the premier A-grade venture firms globally.

We are delighted for them and for any small part that Passle may have had in that journey.

As we like to say, Passle can't make you an expert but it does let you show your expertise.