I'm totally torn on this one ... part of me is horrified by the idea of banning people from having the choice to smoke if they want to. When will it stop? Will drinking be banned next?

The idea of a tobacco free society is extremely appealing though. As an ex smoker, with hindsight, I would have preferred never to have got into smoking, and idea of future generations growing up in a society where it is not the norm would be much better.

Another complicating factor is the proposed method of introducing the ban ... anyone born after a certain date is banned from doing something, but anyone born before that date is still free to do it. I can see the logic behind it, and it would achieve a tobacco free society by 2035, but I can't think of any other laws which apply only to people born after a certain date. Surely if there's not a specific age at which you are deemed responsible enough to make your own decision on something, then it should be banned entirely?

There's obviously a huge worry about putting restrictions on people's personal freedoms, and this could be a precedent for who know what else.

I think I'm swaying just slightly towards being pro this ban though. When I see people smoking (pre-rolled cigarettes in particular) I can't help thinking that smokers have had the product pushed on them by the tobacco industry, shamelessly trying to maximise profits from something which kills and causes incalculable suffering. If this ban does come into force I won't be feeling too much sympathy as far as they are concerned.