So we all just lost an hour of our weekends - not very fair considering we work 5 days a week and only have 2 days off. We love those 2 days (AKA The Weekend) - spending time with the kids, family and friends or even just catching up on some sleep. And then to lose an hour of it!?

I have the answer. Let's move the clocks forward at 4pm on a Friday. So 4pm is suddenly 5pm and the weekend begins an hour earlier. Parents get to go home and see their kids an hour earlier and everyone else heads to the pub. It will feel like a bank holiday and their will be a great buzz and feel good factor. I know we will hear resistance - "business leaders say £XX will be lost to the economy etc. etc." But I do not buy that and think of the boost to the services industry as people go shopping, drinking and socialising, as we announce the start of summertime.

I tried to get a petition started on the government website - the one that says if you get 100K signatures it has to be debated in the House of Commons - but it got rejected with no reasoning.

I have straw polled about 30 people on this and 28 (93%) gave it their backing. So if you want to get out of work an hour earlier on a Friday and not lose a precious hour of your weekend, please like, tweet, retweet, favourite and share this post on your social networks to see if we can make the change.