Yes, blogging demonstrates your expertise.

Yes, blogging improves the volume of web traffic to your blog and website, which raises your profile and increases the number of potential customers discovering you.

But, lets face it, blogging takes time. Time that could be better spent doing work. Hence, the cynicism surrounding blogging and the growth in people being paid to do your blogs for you!

It could be argued if you are blogging all day, you are not doing any (real) work. That was until Passle came on the scene, which takes the hassle out of blogging. It's so simple. When you spot something of interest online, be it news, new product, a comment or video etc, you click it, add it to your passle account, add your comment and post it. That's it.

The result, is a stylish blog which you create whilst you keep abreast of your business sector. What's more its free.


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