Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will have heard about Google's ranking changes, which penalizes websites that can't be easily browsed or interacted with from a mobile phone. It has been a wake up call for many firms.

As Donna Moore points out in the blog below, while only 10-20% of your traffic is likely to be from mobiles, it's important traffic. If you're searching for something on your phone, the chances are that you need information immediately. Not having a responsive website is a missed opportunity.

Yet, research by Search Star shows that 48 of the top 100 UK law firms do not have mobile friendly websites.

It takes time to update and upgrade websites. For law firms wanting a quick fix in the meantime, I suggest signing up with Passle. Not only is our website mobile friendly, but by creating regular content through us, you'll make yourself look a little less like a dinosaur...