Ok I am shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon but I can't let Back to the Future Day pass without comment.

I really enjoyed reading the BBC article on what predictions the film got right and which were way off the mark (no smart phones!). So I thought I would do a bit of crystal ball gazing myself as to what employment law and HR practices might look like in 30 years (some more tongue in cheek than others). Here is my top 6 and I would love to hear what others think!

1, Much wider protections against discrimination on the basis of characteristics such as hair colour, appearance, body art and tech implants.

2, Working Time legislation to be completely changed and monitored automatically in real time. Specifically we will see the end of the normal 8 hour working day, the lunch hour and core hours.

3, Home and remote working with virtual interaction to be the norm with smaller hubs to meet periodically.

4, Employment rights for robots and specific legislation to protect those working with them day to day.

5, The qualifying period to claim unfair dismissal to be 1 year if we have a Tory Government and 2 years if it is Labour.

6, TUPE still exists but no-one understands it.