An interesting question and an interesting article to read, the night before flying Berlin for the European Digital Communications Awards, where TINKER TAYLOR has been shortlisted.

I have never been one for entering awards. I have always felt, as the title suggests they are an ego massaging, expensive, time consuming drain on the bottom line, however I have been persuaded by my peers that they are brilliant NBD / PR tool - and so I pack.

Why have we decided to go for it this year?Well we have produced a piece of work we are incredibly proud of and that we want the world to see - so ego massaging, tick.  And if it helps to start some conversations and gain us a little more exposure, even better. But for me, more than that is an opportunity to 'stop and smell the roses'. 

Working at a small, growing, creative company is great fun, but is at times stressful, working long hours, putting the clients needs and wants first.For me, these awards were an opportunity to say thank you to my 'right hand gal' Sam Slingsby, to my clients at the PFNI and to celebrate our success.

And if you would like to see what has made us so darned proud, just click play...