Email is an ubiquitous tool, and there is no escaping it. Yet it still ties many of us in knots when using it to communicate. 

All too often we are offended by the tone of somebody's words, creating tension that simply wouldn't exist if we picked up the phone or spoke to someone face to face. 

Another dilemma is how to open an email. 

This is particularly important for those of us working in PR and communications. 

Does a journalist really care when we open an email with 'I hope you're well'? And hands up, many of my own emails start that way. 

This article below offers some good tips on how to open and close an email when looking to start a conversation or build a relationship. 

And I have seen worse: Why would anyone start an email with 'Happy hump day' is beyond me. 

Irrespective of how you open your email, I would keep it short and to the point.  We all receive far too many and brevity will always be welcomed.