We are launching our first Passle User Event on 1st February! It's designed for you to find out about best practice, network with other clients, and feel generally revitalised in your approach to marketing! 

We are thrilled that Dr Claire El Mouden will be the keynote speaker at the event, where she'll explain why KPIs and annual bonuses are a waste of money. Claire is a behavioural scientist at the University of Oxford and works with businesses, including Passle, to help them implement the latest in behavioural research. She also happens to be a fantastic speaker - so you're in for a treat! 

As well as the keynote, there will be two seminars run by yours truly, on content creation and distribution. Places are limited for these so do RSVP me at claire @ passle.net if you want to attend!

Last but not least, there will be a drop-in surgery, so if you have any questions about Passle, or want to learn a few tricks and tips, then this is your opportunity. 

Full details in the link below!