How? By changing your thoughts and you'll change your world. Sounds too simple to be true. But Dr. Joe Dispenza's in his new book, 'You are the Placebo' describes amongst many topics the importance of beliefs about age. In a study, organized by Harvard University at a monastery in New Hampshire, eight men in their 70s and 80s attended a 5-day retreat. During the retreat, the men were instructed to pretend that it was 22 years earlier. There were surrounded by old issues of Life Magazine and Saturday Evening Post, TV shows from the late 1950s, even the radio was playing musicians from that era, like Nat King Cole and Perry Como. The men were also asked to discuss current events from that time. At the end of the retreat, the researchers took the same physiological measurements of the men that they’d taken at the beginning of the study: height, weight, gait, etc. Amazingly, the men had grown “taller” and their weight, hearing, eyesight, grip strength and mental cognition had all improved. During the five days of the retreat, their posture had also straightened, and their joints had become more flexible. Some of the men were even playing touch football by the end of the five days! So what will your life be like, if you play music from your youth? Try it and notice the difference. Reference: Dr Joe Dispenza